Provisioning Ghosts in the Machine

I set this blog up in just a few minutes using
and a simple chef-provisioning recipe and the new do-api-v2 support.

I'd like to add support for syntax highlighting and comments at some point.

You can run this with DOTOKEN=XXX chef-client -z THISRECIPE.rb

with_driver 'fog:DigitalOcean', compute_options: {  
                 digitalocean_token: ENV['DOTOKEN']

with_machine_options convergence_options: {  
                       chef_version: '12.4.3',
                       package_cache_path: '.chef/package_cache'
                     bootstrap_options: {
                       image_distribution: 'Ubuntu',
                       image_name: '14.04 x64',
                       region_name: 'New York 3',
                       flavor_name: '2GB',
                       key_name: 'iido',
                       tags: {
                         'ii' => 'lovesyou'

with_chef_server '',  
                 :client_name => Chef::Config[:node_name],
                 :signing_key_filename => Chef::Config[:client_key]

machine '' do  
  action :destroy if ENV['DESTROY']
  recipe 'ghost::default'
  recipe 'ghost::nginx'
  # attribute %w[ ghost app mail transport ], 'SMTP'
  # attribute %w[ ghost app mail options service ], 'Gmail'
  # attribute %w[ ghost app mail options auth user ], ''
  # attribute %w[ ghost app mail options auth pass ], 'SOMETHING'
  # attribute %w[ ghost remote name ], 'darepo'
  # attribute %w[ ghost remote repo ], ''
  # attribute %w[ ghost remote revision ], 'master'